Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Resource Strategy for Enterprise Management as a Tool to Ensure its Competitiveness

Author(s): Stoyan Radev Koev, Svitlana Pavliuk, Marta Derhaliuk, Liudmyla Sokolova, Oksana Portna

In the course of scientific research, the object of which is the process of formation of a resource strategy of the enterprise in the context of ensuring its competitiveness, it is necessary to study the features and regularities of the formation of the latter in order to ensure its effectiveness and the possibility of putting the obtained results into practice. Theoretical bases of formation of a resource strategy of the enterprise are based on the action of economic laws and regularities, basic concepts of resource, system and strategic management, understanding of which will help to formulate objective conclusions and develop practical recommendations for increasing the level of competitiveness of the enterprise and maintain it in the long run. In order to improve the process of forming a resource strategy from the standpoint of ensuring its competitiveness, the following measures are proposed: the algorithm of formation of a resource strategy of the enterprise is developed; the portfolio of enterprise resource strategies is systematized and generalized in the context of major resource groups; the recommendations on application of the improved methodology of evaluation of the resource potential of the enterprise from the standpoint of its influence on competitiveness based on the use of the system of balanced indicators are suggested.

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