Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict (Print ISSN: 1544-0508; Online ISSN: 1939-4691 )


Role of Creative Thinking as an Imperative Tool in Communication at Workplace

Author(s): Mitashree Tripathy

Essentially, the world we exist moves on the basis of communication. It is communication that guides or determines our relationship with others. Communication and its affiliated skills shape and mould an individual's career. Communication skills develop personality while at the same time expand the chances of a promising career. Workplaces similarly, are not far beyond the reach. An interesting fact suggests individuals spend almost about three-fourth of their entire working period within an organization. Hence, it is therefore that the selection process of individuals to work in an organization with knowledge of technical skills accompanied by good communication skills during interviews is done thoroughly. Every step taken at workplaces is highly communication dependent. Whether it superior-subordinate transfer of information or peer level or one business organization to another, every connection is communication bound. Not only managers and leaders but also each and every employee involves themselves in daily planning and coordinating process with a large number of team members. With poor communication, the entire process goes astray and massively impacts the whole organization. Most of the communication fails because the ability to think creatively and analyze sensibly lacks. An ability to think sensibly and reflect ideas and thoughts reasonably is an appropriate mode necessary at various contexts in a given workplace. Every day tons of situations arise which needs to be handled properly like making right decisions, solving problems, managing conflicts, leading efficiently, generating ideas and many more. Each step at workplace demands proper communication that stems from creative thinking which defines the existence and sustainability of an individual working in an organization. Today the problem in various organizations across the globe is that employees tend to overlook or disregard the importance of good communication skills and a number of other skills associated with it like creative thinking, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and many more. They have a propensity to refute problems or collect evidences to analyze situations for different purposes and in different contexts and maintain successful relationships at the same time. They neither attempt to recognize the importance of communication nor comprehend the impact that poor or bad communication brings. Hence, the objective of this paper is to delve into the importance of effective communication at work places and to explore the role of creative thinking in various aspects of workplaces mainly while making difficult decisions, solving problems, resolving conflicts, generating innovating ideas and developing leadership skills. The purpose of this paper is to furnish employees with an edge to bridge the gap of communication through creative thinking to mend relationships and save it from being spoiled. The paper also provides space for future scope of research in this domain.

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