Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Scientific Elite in the Information Society

Author(s): Mychailo V. Kostytsky, Nataliia V. Kushakova-Kostytska, Oleh I. Gvozdik, Vitaliy M. Kravec, Nataliia S. Poludynna

Purpose: The purpose of the article to determine the philosophical and legal content and the essence of the concept of “scientific elite” and its role in the formation of e-government as one of the main factors of the information society. Methodology: The methodological basis for the Article is a system of philosophical approaches, general scientific, special scientific and legal methods. The interdisciplinary approach has ensured multifaceted research of the development of the information society. Besides, dialectical, synergetic, systematic, historical, comparative and prognostic methods were used in the course of the study. Results of the study: The article analyzes the current, but insufficiently researched problems regarding the role of the scientific elite in the processes of establishment, formation and development of the principles of e-government. The emphasis is placed on clarifying the features of one of the main components of the information society on the way to its transformation into a knowledge society-the introduction of e-government as an effective means of implementing the constitutional right of citizens to participate in public administration. Practical implications: According to the results, it was concluded that in the context of egovernment (in the information society) a person, whose level of knowledge and intelligence does not meet the requirements of the time, cannot belong to the elite. The knowledge of computer science and other modern areas of knowledge does not make a person elitist. It seems that the signs of elitism should first of all remain high spirituality, nobility, sophistication, deep inner need to be useful to people and the Motherland. Value/Originality: The authors emphasizes the fact that only those whose level of knowledge and intelligence meet the criteria put forward by modern civilization can belong to the elite in the information age. Thus, the key role of the scientific elite in the further development of the information society in Ukraine is substantiated.

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