Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Slovenian Companies and Covid-19: How Was Covid-19 Pandemic Changes Slovenian Global Competitiveness?

Author(s): Dusko Ursic, Andrej Smogavc Cestar

We investigated how the circumstances of COVID-19 change the global competitiveness of Slovenian organizations. Based on crisis, management and business theories, we analyzed the responses of company managers to ensure the competitiveness of companies in crisis situations. To capture the impact of the COVID-19 crisis pandemic, we compared 618 responses of managers before the pandemic - obtained in Mach 2020, and 486 responses of managers in a pandemic - obtained in May 2020 regarding business operations. The results showed that internationally oriented enterprises responded more appropriately to the challenges of COVID-19 than domestic oriented organizations. As a result, COVID-19 circumstances have less effected their business and consequently less reduced their competitiveness. The analysis shows that internationally oriented companies responded to the COVID-19 crisis with more comprehensive measures to reduce costs, connect with partners, reduce the number of employees and increase communication with representatives of the political system than domestic oriented companies. The results of our study have theoretical implications and highlight the importance of experience and knowledge of international business in maintaining their competitiveness in the COVID-19 crisis. Practical implications include proposals to streamline operations aimed at maintaining competitiveness and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

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