Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Social Media Marketing and Its Effect on Consumer Buying Behavior, Brand Loyalty, and Brand Relationships: A Study of the Media Industry

Author(s): Atikur Rahman*, Ripan Chatterjee

Consumer behavior is a concept that has drawn attention from academics, and it is undeniable that it has a significant impact on marketing strategy and planning. It is evidently essential to understand consumers in the ever-evolving corporate environment and rising consumer expectations with regard to technological advancements as well as the ease of information flow between organizations and their customers as well as customers to other customers. Due to social media marketing's contributions to the marketing sector, this study compelled to inquire as to how social media marketing affects consumer purchasing patterns, brand loyalty, and relationships within the Bangladeshi media industry. The study aims to investigate the attitudes, use, opinions, and demographics of the population in relation to social media marketing and their behavior in the media industry. The target population of the study was social media users in Chattagram region who follows top ten media brands or media group in Bangladesh. Data analysis revealed a substantial influence and relationship between social media marketing, consumer behavior, and brand loyalty in Bangladesh's media industry. The study faced challenges from non-cooperative individuals and illiterate people who have no knowledge about social media. The study recommended building relationships through social media since it is one of the most crucial elements of social media marketing success. The study was motivated by a general observation of how small and multinational organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, used social media to improve their marketing efforts, worldwide consumer interactions, and consumer research

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