Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Some Aspects of Foreign Experience in Combating Human Trafficking

Author(s): Shepitko Valerii, Tishchenko Valerii, Shepitko Mykhaylo, Marysiuk Kostiantyn, Sychova Viktoriia

Description: The purpose of the article is to summarize the positive foreign experience of the countries presenting the most optimal means and directions of combating human trafficking. The subject of the article is to study some aspects of foreign experience in combating human trafficking with further implementation in Ukrainian legislation. Methodology: The methodological basis of the study is dialectical-materialistic and formal-logical methods of scientific knowledge of social and legal phenomena and general scientific and special methods based on them. This allowed researching the problem of the unity of its social content and legal form. The comparative legal and formal legal methods were used during the analysis of the norms of the current Criminal Procedural Law of Ukraine and other foreign States. The method of formal logic made it possible to examine the essence of human trafficking in detail, as well as to outline the tactical tasks of law enforcement agencies to overcome this negative phenomenon. The statistical method helped to identify omissions in both organizational and tactical support in combating human trafficking. Based on the integrated syntheses approach some conclusions and suggestions on the topic of the study were formulated. Based on the results of the study the authors suggested a vision of the strategy, ways and mechanisms of combating human trafficking in Ukraine through the introduction of European best practices. Practical implications: The prospective direction of effective investigation of such offenses, developed by foreign scientists, is the introduction of the Information Center on Women Trafficking, which formulates recommendations for the improvement the fight against human trafficking, as well as introduction of special educational and training programs in the activities of law enforcement agencies. Value/originality: The methodology of preparation and conducting of trainings for employees of units on counteraction to human trafficking (USA-Association of the State Agency for Criminal Investigation (ASCIA), Germany) has been analyzed. On the basis of the foreign experience, the main directions of combating human trafficking have been formulated and proposed.

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