Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Spiritual and Humanitarian Assistance (Human Law) of the People of Kazakhstan to Chechens during the First Russian-Chechen War and the Deportation of the Chechen People in the 20th Century

Author(s): Ziyabek Kabuldinov, Seyitkali Duisen, Kunduzay Erimbetova, Zhabai Kaliev, Kairken Adiyet, Arstan Satanov

The article examines a still unexplored in historical science full of difficult fate and struggle, courage and patriotism, preserving a special personality and a strong spirit "like a phoenix resurrected from the ashes" of the Chechen people in the Caucasus, who have suffered politically, socio-economically, demographic and spiritually for centuries from the Russian Empire and its successors, the Soviet government and the current Russian government, to which in the difficult period of the last century the people of Kazakhstan were the support and the perception of the Chechen people as their "second homeland" and an attempt to study the spiritual and humanitarian assistance of the Kazakh government during the first Russian-Chechen war of 1994- 1996 based on historical works and archival data. To write the article, there were studied the data from the archives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, collections of documents on the history of the deportation of the Chechen-Ingush people in Chechnya and the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1944, works of foreign and Kazakh researchers on this issue. The purpose and consequences of the Russian government's war against the Chechen people in the 1990s, the spiritual support and humanitarian assistance provided by the people of Kazakhstan to the Chechen people during the war, and as a result of these events part of the Chechen-Ingush peoples inhabited the Kazakh land were narrated through historical data. For scientific research on the topic: OR 11465459 "Development of a scientifically grounded concept of the formation of modern historical science in Kazakhstan."

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