Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Stability Strategy and its Direct Role in Achieving Competitive Advantage at Jordanian Communication Companies

Author(s): Ziad Ali Eid Alshawabkeh, Bassam Fathi Aldiabat, Mohammad A. Al-Zubeidi, Belal Hashem Nsour, Feras Suliman Al-Shalabi, Reham Zuheir Al-Momani, Khaled Banyhamdan, Lina Hamdan Mahmoud Al-Abbadi

The study aimed to identify the direct effect of the Stability Strategy in achieving the competitive advantage of Jordan Telecom Companies by surveying the opinions of the executives and middle level managers in these companies. The researchers conducted an exploratory survey of all companies operating in the Jordanian telecom sector (34). The researchers also distributed the questionnaires the study community which totaled 160 members. Questionnaires were distributed, of which, 130 were retrieved and were valid for analysis. There was a statistically significant effect at 0.05 level of significance of the stability strategy in achieving competitive advantage of cost reduction, quality improvement, flexibility and innovation combined. The study showed an absence of significant statistical effect at 0.05 level of significance in achieving the competitive edge of innovation and quality. The study recommends that companies working in the telecommunications sector reduce direct production costs to provide a competitive advantage, and recommends that researchers undertake further studies of stability strategy in different industry sectors. 

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