Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Strategic Analysis of the Motivation on Employees Productivity: A Compensation Benefits, Training and Development Perspective

Author(s): Irina S. Leonova, Elena V. Pesennikova-Sechenov, Nikolay M. Legky, Valeriy I. Prasolov, Irina A. Krutskikh, Nurul Mohammad Zayed

Employees prefer to work in the workforce to achieve the organization's priorities and expectations. However, the manager's job comprises of several aspects, including teamwork, collaboration, decision-making, communication and organizational inspiration. The biggest obstacle that is being addressed by management is the reinvention of management owing to the demanding job climate and professional capabilities of the supervisors, which have been deemed inadequate to inspire workers in the workforce. Managers also ought to maintain a positive interaction with their workers at work, and that will be achieved by offering assistance and encouragement to improve employee morale at work and increase their efficiency. However, inspiration and dedication are the core human resource in the Company as they will boost the workplace's efficiency and increase worker satisfaction. The research implemented the quantitative and qualitative approach throughout addressing Different retail companies. The sample addressed includes 370 employees. The results were analyzed using the SPSS statistical tool for hypotheses validation. The results proved a direct relationship between compensation benefits, training and development, motivation and empowerment.

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