Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Strategic Resources and Processes in Property Industry Uncovering New Analysis Approach for Business Development & Entrepreneurial Decision

Author(s): Hardijanto Saroso, Dicky Hida Syahchari, Darjat Sudrajat, Lasmy and Maria Grace Herlina

This research was conducted to know the strategic resources and processes in the industry. Understanding the strategic resources and the strategic process will help Management determine the budget allocation for investment or high operational cost. This paper will examine the property industry. This study will answer what business resources or business processes can strongly influence or greatly determine the company's performance. There are several primary resources or processes of the business, such as the workers, raw materials, investment, and advertising, which are part of the research. These data are usually available in financial or annual reports of a listed company that can be accessed from their official website or the Indonesia Stock Exchange. This research uses quantitative analysis with a purposive sampling method. Then, it continues by confirmatory analysis from an industry expert. The results showed that ready-to-sell property is the strategic resource for sales in this industry that has the most significant influence on the company's performance and occupies the critical position compared to other variables. These results are then followed by advertising as a strategic process in achieving sales. Only then does the number of workers take the third position as the second strategic resource that affects company performance. Three experts in the property sector confirmed the results of this study. Additionally, advertising is a determinant of sales success in the condition of the same ready-to-sell property between several competing companies.

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