Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Strengthening Economic Security of Enterprise on the Basis of Investing in Staff Management System

Author(s): Cherep Alla, Cherep Oleksandr, Dashko Iryna, Rozhenko Oleksandra, Kornukh Oksana, Matkovskyi Petro

Article suggests that investing in staff management system is understood as process of investing in staff management system (staff, tangible and intangible assets associated with work and recreation, rest, leisure organization and execution ) to meet requirements of company's stakeholders and strengthen its economic security. It has been substantiated that the activation of this process will be facilitated by better understanding by owners of enterprise of benefits they receive from investing in staff management system. A methodology has been identified that could help business owners assess efficiency of this investment in terms of benefits for themselves and other groups of stakeholders. It is taken into account that increase in profit as result of investing in staff management system leads to the emergence of additional dividend payments, income tax, consumption and investment costs as result of distribution of net profit among different groups of stakeholders. Above proposals for investment efficiency assessment in staff management system have practical value for enterprise`s owners and other groups of stakeholders, since given methodology will help to clarify its impact on degree of fulfillment of their requirements. If requirements of all groups of stakeholders are met, then investment will be considered effective and, as result, it will contribute to overall strengthening of enterprise economic security.

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