Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Blue Ocean Strategy to Prevent Pregnancies Students in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

Author(s): Thanyaphat sirathatnararojana, Porntip Onkasame, Pimvadee Jankoson, Pornnapa Lueayklang

The objectives of this research were to study the level of knowledge and understanding of the causes and methods of prevention the unplanned pregnancy of students in Chachoengsao Province; and to develop and study the results of the use of laeaning process model with the Blue Ocean Strategy to prevent unplanned pregnancies before, after the experiment and follow-up in Phase 1. The population was 85,955 students in Chachoengsao Province and and the sample group was divided into two groups: by purposive sampling using Krejcie and Morgan’s Table, the first group of 384 students to answer the questionnaires “Knowledge and Understanding of the causes and methods of prevention the unplanned pregnancy” and the second group of 30 students including pregnant students, the students who used to be pregnant, and concerned persons. The collected data and information from the first stage were used to be the guidelines focusing on developing three domain: cognitive domain, affective domain amd behavioral domain. Nine experimental groups chosen interviews were Grade 4–12 students, six people per group, and one experimental group in each level, three females and three males, totaling 54 students. Grade 4–6 students were from Wat Bang Phra School, and Grade 7–12 students were from Benchamaracharungsarit School. The learning process model with the Blue Ocean Strategy was used for six times, from one hour and a half to two hours per time. The embedded design: embedded experimental model was conducted. The data was analyzed by non-parametric statistics. The results of this research were: 1. In overall, Grade 4 – 12 students in Chachoengsao had knowledge and understanding of causes and prevention of unplanned pregnancy at a high level, and also high in all aspects of behavior, cognitive domain affective domain behavioral domain 2. Six procedures of learning process model with the Blue Ocean Strategy are: 1) The Strategic Canvas 2) The Four Actions Framework, 3) Focusing on the Big Picture, 4) Visual Awakening, 5) Visual Strategy Fair and 6) Building Execution into Strategy. Each procedure has three stages: initial stage, working stage, and final stage, to prevent unplanned student pregnancy, loving yourself, bringing your life to a point where it is really worth living, having your life goal, realizing the value of your life, and initiating new things. 3. The level of unplanned pregnancy prevention of Grade 4–12 students in Chachoengsao after the experiment was higher than before the experiment at 0.05 with statistical significance. The level of unplanned pregnancy prevention after the experiment and the follow up period was not different.

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