Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict (Print ISSN: 1544-0508; Online ISSN: 1939-4691 )


The Burnout Syndrome: Study Applied to Professors of Accounting, Cuenca- Ecuador

Author(s): Irene Buele, Gabriela Larrazabal, Saul Ortiz

The pedagogical role of a professor has as main goal the dissemination and extension of knowledge, not moral or religious, but rather professional. Professors are exposed to high levels of stress due to the diversity of roles they must perform and the effectiveness they must fulfill them, this condition increases the possibility of suffering the Burnout Syndrome (BS), being a response to chronic work stress affecting their work performance. The following research has the aim to recognize the level of work-related BS in accounting professors and its correlation with personal, family, and institutional factors. A methodology based on a questionnaire was used, focusing the evaluation of factors such as: impotence, misinformation, conflict, overload, boredom, ambiguity, absence of reward, etc. The data were tabulated in the SPSS software. The correlation of BS with personal, family and institutional factors was measured by chi-square. The results are showed in three sections, 1) descriptive analysis of the studied population 2) level of work-related burnout syndrome in accounting professors 3) hypothesis test to define the correlation of the syndrome with personal, family and institutional factors. Among the main results It was verified that the level of BS in professors is regardless of gender, age, number of children, years of teaching or the distribution of their working hours, fact that does not exist with marital status, this is correlated with the BS. The levels of BS of accounting and auditing professors in general are low, leading only to corrective decision making

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