Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Characteristics Effected of the Leadership Success in the Industrial Sector

Author(s): Ritthiwut Puwaphat, Pannarai Lata, Thanin Silpcharu

Successful organizational leaders' characteristics can sufficiently establish successful leading industrial businesses. Quantitative and qualitative research methods were conducted in this study. The quantitative data were obtained by questionnaires from 500 leaders.

The results of this research compose of 4 aspects: personality, knowledge, capability, and success. Intelligence, witness, and tact are the highest average for the personality aspect. In the area of knowledge, understanding in investment represents the highest score. Management capabilities and skills are most leading at adapting to any changes in time for a rapidly changing environment. Simultaneously and leadership roles' success is essential for elevating the organization to internationalization to be recognized in the business sector. Hypothetical test results explicated that large, medium, and small-sized industrial organizations valued the leaders’ characteristics that contributed to success as corporate leaders of the industrial sector, not statistically significantly different at 0.05. The developed structure equation model analysis reported that the study was followed the empirical data and passed the evaluation criteria. The Chi-square probability level, relative Chi-square, the goodness of fit index, and root mean square error of approximation are 0.067, 1.180, 0.965, and 0.019, respectively.

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