Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Dimensions of Women's Empowerment and Developing Entrepreneurial Work in the Region of Hail

Author(s): Saud N. Alshmery, Mona S. Alziban, Haifaa A. Alshamry, Usama M. Ibrahem

Design/methodology: This study examines this research aims to identify the dimensions of women's empowerment and its impact on entrepreneurship development in the Hail region, to identify the concept of entrepreneurial work

Purpose: its impact on achieving economic growth in societies, and to explore the field reality of women's empowerment and its influence on developing entrepreneurial work in the Hail region. For this purpose, we administered a questionnaire to 164 women, who graduated from the University Of Hail (UOH) (Female Section).

Findings: Several results were obtained, the most prominent of which is that women’s empowerment in its various aspects plays a major role in entrepreneurial work development and that women’s social empowerment in Hail needs to change the social perception of women and recognize their social role in developing entrepreneurial work.

Originality: This research reached several conclusions as follows. The empowerment of women with its various dimensions has an effective role in developing entrepreneurship. A large percentage of respondents feel the importance of empowering women in entrepreneurship and that this types of empowerment helps them develop and lead their own projects. Besides, the women are not sufficiently aware of the role of social empowerment in the Hail region.

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