Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Distribution Pattern of Thailand's Tubtimjun Roseapple for Exporting to China

Author(s): Phutthiwat Waiyawuththanapoom, Pimploi Tirastittam, Ronnakorn Vaiyavuth, Wissawa Aunyawong, Komson Sommanawat, Wannapong Waiyawuththanapoom

 Thailand is an agriculture country which means that the main product of the country is the agriculture product. Thai fruit is very famous and popular for a people around the world and the clear example of the famous Thai fruits are durian, mango, mangosteen and coconut. But there is another fruit which has a very high potential and still on its way up to the top list of Thai fruit which is rose apple. The objective of this research is to analyze and improve the distribution process of Tubtimjun rose apple to China which is the main market for Thai’s Tubtimjun rose apple and also the most challenge one as the regulation and quality control of China is very strict about the pest and the fruit quality. The samples of this research are 100 stakeholders in the field of rose apple farming and exporting. The samples were selected by the purposive sampling method and the tools which use to collect the data were the questionnaire and also the in-depth intervierw. After the research, the most effective distribution method for the Tubtimjun rose apple exporting to China is by the air transportation mode as the rose apple is a high sensitive fruit and has a very short shelf life time. So the Tubtimjun rose apple will be at its best condition when arrive in the destination and to the consumer’s hand.

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