Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


The Effect of E-Learning Training Program on Organizational Performance Through Underlying Mechanisms of Capacity Building of Dubai Police Force

Author(s): Ahmed Abdulla Yousef Ahmed Alzaabi, Ahmad Bashawir Bin Haji Abdul Ghani, Mohammed R A Siam

 The purpose of this study was to analyze the mediating role of capacity building of Dubai police force between e-learning training program and organizational performance. For the said purpose, initially, detailed literature has been reviewed. After reviewing the literature, the ambiguities in the current available literature have been identified and new framework has been developed. The framework has been tested based on the established instruments and the data was collected from the employees of Dubai Police Force who have received e-trainings. Initially using SPSS 25 descriptive statistics have been measured and after ensuring the descriptive. Smart PLS 3 has been used to check the reliability and validity of the instrument and finally the proposed framework has been analyzed. The results of the data obtained from employees of Dubai police force revealed that e-learning and training program has a significant impact over organizational performance. Furthermore, the findings also revealed that capacity building of the employees mediates the relationship between e-learning training program and organizational performance. The findings have practical as well as theoretical significance as it opens the horizons of new research to be conducted by applying the same framework over different sectors and also guides the policy makers to work on capacity building of the employees.

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