Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Effect of Public-Private Partnerships on Trust in Tourism Networks Management and Tourism Service Innovation during Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Author(s): Mashuri H. Tahili, Rahmawati Halim, Sutrisno K. Djawa, Farid Haluti, Nurhidayah Layoo, Asriadi AR

The public-private partnership is the paramount approach in creating trust in public sector management and innovation development in public service. The role of public-private partnerships and Trust in tourism networks management has not been studied previously in developing tourism service innovation. Therefore, the primary goal of this research is to analyze the effect of public-private partnerships on trust in tourism networks management as a moderating variable and its influence on tourism service innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. The research approach is used quantitative through survey exploratory for describing and explaining the association of each variable. The research data were gaining through questionnaires, and then a structural model is applied to test three hypotheses of the research. The total sampling has selected through stratified random sampling and the total sample is 350 people. Structural model analysis through SPSS and AMOS software is applied to analyze data and measure the three hypotheses of the research. The findings indicate public-private partnerships have a positive and significant effect on trust in tourism networks management and tourism service innovation. Besides, the result also confirms that trust in tourism networks management has a positive and significant influence on the tourism service innovation achievement. We argue that public-private partnerships and trust are necessary to make tourism industry management successful in the next future.

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