Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Effect of Strategic Planning on the Performance of Workers in Jordanian Universities

Author(s): Adnan Mohammad Alwedyan, Abdelkhalik Abdalhalim Alhamouri, Omar Mohamad Raouf Hayajneh

This study aims to investigate the relation between strategic planning and workers’ performance at Jordanian universities, taking into account the need of Jordanian universities to have strategic structure that keeps pace with the labor market, developing students’ capabilities and creating proper outcomes that fit the labor market. The descriptive analysis approach was used through the application of the random sample method in Jordanian universities, amounting to (180) individuals. (150) questionnaires were retrieved with a respond rate of (88%). Among the most important result presented in this paper, is the existence of a positive, strong and interdependent relation between the dimensions of strategic planning (goals, preparation of the strategic plan, implementation of the strategic plan, control, and evaluation of the strategic plan), and the performance of employees in Jordanian universities, taking into account the necessity of competitive advantage among Jordanian universities as a mediator and enhancer of employee performance and strategic planning. The most important recommendations of this paper are: the necessity of strengthening the relationship between the planning department and the administrative structures within Jordanian universities. Furthermore, the author recommends increasing the oversight role over the implementation of strategic plans and the continuous evaluation of employees' performance and monitoring their behavior at all times.

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