Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Effect of Teamwork on Employee Productivity

Author(s): Almagul Kairgalievna Oteshova, Aigul Amangeldyevna Niyazbayeva, Natalia Alekseevna Prodanova, Rysty Kuandikovna Sabirova, Nurul Mohammad Zayed

Team Satisfaction is one of the main reasons in a partnership to achieve a reasonable degree of success in the workplace. If team trust is kept in the workplace, team leaders feel secure in expressing their opinions without fear of criticism or reward. The higher the Team's trust in the organization, the better the Team's success at work. The chief has therefore a significant part to play in inspiring the workers to work. Building faith also requires time at work, since the followers believe behavior and not phrases. Some of the most successful methods to inspire workers and teams in the workforce are leading by example. In the office, the chief does not challenge his supporters to perform a job that he himself does not. For starters, if the leader wants to hold his followers at night, he needs to do so. The leader will then prove his colleagues that he is equivalent to his supporters at work, so that morale is improved and the workplace efficiency improves. To avoid complications and unforeseen challenges in the workforce, specific functions and obligations should be established and described. This decreases tension in the workforce and improve the daily schedule.

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