Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Global Criminal Law Enforcement Policy on False Information Bomb Hoax

Author(s): Timbo Mangaranap Sirait

Ever since the Wright Brothers having invented the airplane, the transportation of “Low Cost Carrier (LCC)” is presently proved to be effective in supporting the economy and relations among countries and upon the Tokyo Convention 1963, it has been detected the acts of unlawful interference by making use of the increasing service user of “LCC” as a target of terror of false information on Bomb Hoax, so that the United States of America and Indonesia have ratified it and then made a Prevention Policy forcefully and adequately in their laws. Later it has a discourse on how the implementation of its enforcement policy in both countries where the philosophical basis of its global law enforcement is found. First, it has a disparity in its law enforcement policy. The US sentences a criminal actor more explicit with criminal and civil sanctions and it implies that a frequency of crime can be suppressed. Meanwhile, Indonesia has a paradox on its enforcement policy because it only gives a minor sentence for the criminal actor and it is even resolved only by making a statement letter and an apology where the implication is that such crime presently occurs repetitively every year. Second, at the philosophical level, the criminal acts of false information on Bomb Hoax shall be “poisonous words that distort its actual facts (“Glossa viverina est quae corrodit viscera textus) and it emerge from an evil spirit which is feeling happy for disaster being created. Therefore, it needs to have a global policy in order a sanction can be implemented expressly at all levels of jurisdictions so that the aviation industry that has given an economic impact and makes closer relations among countries by consistently having guaranty for safety and security.

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