Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Impact of Strategic Leadership Practices on Organizational Learning capabilities in Public Universities in the Southern Region of Jordan

Author(s): Ali Mohammad Adaileh & Nadeem Ali Adaileh

This study aimed to identify the impact of strategic leadership practices on organizational learning abilities in the public universities in the southern region of Jordan. The study used the quantitative analytical descriptive approach. The study population consisted of academic leaders: (university presidents and their deputies, deans and heads of academic departments), who worked in the universities of southern region of Jordan, including (Mu'tah University, Tafila Technical University and Al-Hussein Bin Talal University). The study performed a comprehensive survey for all the elements of the study population. To achieve the research objectives, a questionnaire was developed based on some previous studies, and it was sent to all participants through a computer program. (159) questionnaires were returned and were valid for statistical analysis, with a response rate of (73%). The results showed that there is a statistically significant impact of strategic leadership practices on organizational learning capabilities in public universities in the south of Jordan. The level of strategic leadership practicing dimensions and learning capabilities was also moderate, except for the dimension of balanced organizational controls as one of the practices of strategic leadership which had a high degree. The study recommended the necessity of focusing on raising the level of strategic leadership practice in universities, especially the dimensions of the strategic direction, preserving human resources, and preserving an effective organizational culture as well as activating regulations and instructions and developing incentives to encourage academic leaders to adopt and develop the organizational learning capabilities represented by dialogue and the practice of participatory decision-making, in addition to encouraging workers to acquire the skills of listening to different perspectives and the skills of expressing their opinions.

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