Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on Supply Chain Agility - Empirical Study in Medical Sector

Author(s): Raeda Jamal Saa'da, Marwan Al-Nsour, Awad Mohammad Altarawneh, Taghrid S Suifan, Rateb Sweis, Abdel Hakim O. Akhorshaideh, Kholoud S.A. AL-Lozi

The aim of this research is to see how supply chain management strategies affect supply chain success, specifically supply chain productivity and effectiveness. The study also observes whether competitive competition has a moderating impact on the relationship between supply chain management activities and supply chain efficiency. Data for this research were collected by distributing 315 questionnaires to male and female employees in Jordanian medical sector. The hypothesized relationships were tested using hierarchical regressions. The findings show that five supply chain management practices; supplier integration, internal integration, customer integration, information sharing, and postponement have a substantial and beneficial impact on supply chain performance. The relationship between internal integration, supplier integration, and consumer integration, as well as supply chain productivity success, is moderated by competitive strength. The findings further indicate that three supply chain management activities, including internal integration, customer integration, and postponement, but not supplier integration or information sharing, have a substantial and beneficial impact on supply chain effectiveness. Information sharing and customer integration, as well as supply chain effectiveness efficiency, are moderated by competitive capability.

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