Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6328; Online ISSN: 1528-2643)


The Impact of Time Management Behaviors of First-Year Social Science Stream Students and Their Academic Achievements

Author(s): Mohammed Saleh

In the advanced world, time is viewed as an endlessly detachable and usable product. It assists with mixing the idea of time through the establishment. Every one of the material and HR moved by associations can be improved throughout time or be changed over the long haul; yet the main resource that can't be changed or bought or put away is time itself. The key to making progress in life is adequately dealing with this asset that everybody has similarly and paying adequate accentuation to arranging Though viable and proficient utilization of time shifts regarding the errands played out, the further expansion in the degree of information and abilities anticipated from current workers has additionally expanded the need of time arranging. The way to achievement in public activity goes through viable and proficient working which is just conceivable by means of using time productively. The cutthroat climate we live in today supports individuals from as ahead of schedule as their rudimentary schooling to design and oversee time adequately. The elite presentation needed by cutthroat conditions powers associations and chiefs to utilize time adequately and specifies the inquiry to control time

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