Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


The Importance of Entrepreneurial Initiative for Industry Development Tasks 4.0

Author(s): Iurii V. Zabaikin,Mikhail F. Kharlamov

Aim of the study: The global dynamics of transformation of socio-economic systems has a multiplicative effect on the Russian economy, but with some time lag due to the development of the leading countries in the framework of the natural evolutionary path of development: during the formation of economic relations of innovation and entrepreneurship in Russia in the framework of the reform-evolutionary path is the formation of the market. Methodology: Against the background of the increasing pace of adaptation of the socioeconomic system to the market structure, there is the emergence of inefficient institutions and market players, which determines the need for the state to assume the role of initiator of new industrial development. Conclusion: Consequently, the development of the mechanism of the new industrialization in the conditions of state support is one of the main objectives in the development of the theory of the new industrialization and programme for its implementation, which is dictated by the expected goals, which consist in the formation of high-tech and knowledge-intensive economy in the conditions of automation of production processes on the basis of innovative development, resource-saving and waste-free; designation of intellectual capital as a factor of production and assigning them a leading role in the development of entrepreneurship, industry and economy; achieving self-sufficiency of the country in goods and services that meet the needs of the population, which have grown in qualitative terms.

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