Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Importance of Swearing-In for Taking a Seat as a Member of the House of Representative in Iraq

Author(s): Aymen Raheem Abdulaali Almayyahi, Ruqaya Adil Hamzah, Shaimaa Jassim Toman

After the ratification of the Supreme Federal Court on the final results of the parliamentary elections, the members of the House of Representatives is sworn in as a constitutional requirement that should be avoided by the MP before starting to exercise its functions, whether legislative or regulatory, but may resort to some deputies to refrain from performing the constitutional oath, To the membership of the Council and at the same time unable to exercise their parliamentary functions for not performing the said oath, the Constitution requires the deputy to be sworn in before the exercise of parliamentary functions and the abstention of the right of the deputy to the inability to exercise the functions of The member of the Chamber of Deputies is a representative and deputy of the people. He must perform his parliamentary duties in the best way and avoid all that directs him to perform his duties properly. The deputy abstains from performing oaths and evades them at all times. Is expected of the representatives of the people and demanding their rights, and therefore our research came in the importance of the oath by the member of the House of Representatives and the extent of the impact of its failure to perform on the membership of the Council, and we do not aim through this research to deepen the intent of the constitutional right as much as we aim to Statement of the importance of performance Limin and the constitutional consequences of this through the analysis of texts on the subject and interpretation and evaluation and study the problems found to find solutions to them

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