Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Improvement of Bachelors Training in the Field of Anti-Crisis Management of Enterprises

Author(s): Olga Tamer, Svetlana Lapteva, Svetlana Zaitseva, Anatoly Kozlov

The problem of business failure risk prediction is still relevant on the modern stage of industry and production development in market economy. In modern times, many commercial enterprises (organizations) of various forms of ownership found themselves on the verge of failure, because an enterprise became unable to fully meet the creditors’ requirements within three months. The conditions of uncertainty under which the enterprises’ business activity is carried increase the risks of business failures. In our research we view the bachelors advanced professional training in the field of production management as an integral formation process of competent, prognostic specialists with orientation towards innovations, with the ability to ensure safe and effective functioning of the exciting and new economic processes, to apply new scientific methods and technologies during their research and implementation, with the ability to develop, evaluate and realize innovative propositions, to economically wisely organize and manage the production process. In their turn, all these factors determine the financial stability of enterprises. The innovative didactic system of the bachelors professional economic training improvement that is elaborated in target- and content-related, procedural and organizational aspects, allows to transform the scientific knowledge into educational and to adapt the bachelors professional training to the modern requirements in the field of anti-crisis management of enterprises under uncertain and risk conditions. 

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