Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


The Influence of Entrepreneurial Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Business Students at the Durban University of Technology

Author(s): Manduth Ramchander

The aim of this study was to ascertain the extent of the influence of entrepreneurship education on the entrepreneurial intentions of Business students that had completed an entrepreneurship module. The population for this study comprised 187 Business students in the Faculty of Management Sciences, at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. A longitudinal study was carried out by administering the same questionnaire at the beginning of the semester and again at the end of the semester to undergraduate students that were enrolled for an entrepreneurship module. The findings of the study show that there was a statistically significant difference between the entrepreneurial intentions of students before and after receiving entrepreneurship education. The increase in entrepreneurial intent was found to be attributed to an increase in desirability of entrepreneurship. No significant difference was found in the other two dimensions of entrepreneurial intention namely “self-efficacy” and “propensity to act.

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