Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Mediating Effect of Output Quality on the Relationship between Top Management Support and Customer Satisfaction on the Implementation of Customer Relationship Management System in Public Sector

Author(s): Ahmed Al-Arafati, Kadzrina Abdul Kadir, Sami Al-Haderi

Aim: Many benefits could be gained when implementing customer relationship management such as leading to increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and organization benefits. In addition, it helps the employees to organize their own activities, contacts and documents and provides reports and information for the organization that gives the opportunity and potential for the organization the edge on its competition to focus and see new products and markets.

Purpose: The main purpose of this paper was to develop an understanding of the mediating effect of output quality on the relationship between top management support and customer satisfaction on implementation of customer relationship management.

Methodology/Approach: The data collection of this study is a survey questionnaire, which is distributed to the employees who is working in organization implemented CRM system in public sector. The questionnaire that is used for the analysis is 356 cases. The data collected is tested and analyzed by using the SPSS and Partial Least Squares (PLS).

Findings: The finding showed that the output quality is the important determinants of customer satisfaction of implementation of CRM system, and it mediates the relation between the independent variable (top management support) and the dependent variable (customer satisfaction of implementation of CRM system). 

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