Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict (Print ISSN: 1544-0508; Online ISSN: 1939-4691 )


The Model of Baduy's Community System to Anticipate the Social Environment Change

Author(s): Budiaman, Muhammad Zid, Rakhmat Hidayat, Saparuddin Mukhtar

This study aims to find theoretically the model of the Baduy community kinship system in anticipating changes in the social environment. The process of inheriting the value of the kinship system so far has the values of local wisdom and can anticipate changes in the social environment and minimize the potential for conflict among members of the community. This research is based on the qualitative approach principle, considering the problem under study describes the socialistic condition of naturalistic culture. The results showed that the Baduy community through its adat institutions sought to maintain a kinship system that had been going on for several generations in the past, in the midst of relatively fast social changes. The marriage system of Baduy people uses endogamy and monogamous patterns. Based on the pattern of endogamy, then the bride must come from fellow Baduy Dalam or fellow Baduy Luar. If there is a marriage between the women Baduy Dalam with the Baduy Luar, Baduy Dalam women must live in the Baduy Luar, or Baduy Luar men must stay in Baduy Dalam. Likewise with Baduy Luar woman who married a man outside Baduy then he must get out of the Baduy settlement and vice versa. Although members of Baduy community who are married to Baduy outsiders are prohibited to live in the Baduy area, but the influence is still felt on the social changes of the Baduy community itself. The kinship system became more widespread with relatives outside Baduy and gave birth to a less intensive interaction system if still allowed to live in Baduy. The gap between kinship causes separated members to gain a new cultural value system from the outside that is gradually absorbed in the cultural values of Baduy. Based on the results of the study can be concluded that the social changes that occur can affect the order of value Baduy community that has been embraced for generations. Along with the increase of population, the mechanism of the kinship system is increasingly tightened by banning members of the Baduy community who married with outsiders Baduy not to be affected by ideas or ideas of changes such as those that occur outside the Baduy community.

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