Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Possibility of Adopting Organizational Health as an Approach to Investing Human Capital: An Analytical Study in Nineveh Education Directorate

Author(s): Maysoon Abdullah Ahmed, Ibrahim Muhammad Jassim

 Today, the world lives in an era of escalating competition, as a result of a number of economic, social, political, technological and legal changes affecting the human resource, in addition to the continuous and growing growth of competition, in addition to increasing the intensity of competition in the field of administrative work, and this has become imperative for these organizations to invest human capital in a way Correct and knowing its ability to form and teach the human resource, in order to reap the learning outcomes in adding new and continuous additional values to the organization, And to prepare the human resource through the development of many administrative skills, among which the organizational health of the organization, and in order to obtain the trained and efficient human force capable of applying the new administrative philosophy, hence the research problem came with a set of the following research implications: Does the research organization have mechanisms Actual investment of human capital? And the extent to which organizational health contributes to investing human capital? The data was collected using the distributed questionnaire form, and using the SPSS program to process this data, a set of the following conclusions have been reached:


  1. The respondents agreed on the importance of the general index (investing human capital) in the field of work, and this was shown by the results of the mean for this indicator.
  2.  It was found through a test of correlations between the research variables in the researched directorate, there is a positive correlation between organizational health and human capital investment according to the correlation coefficient at the macro level.
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