Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Relationship of Lean Manufacturing Concepts as Japanese Philosophy with Religion's Teachings

Author(s): Abdelhakim Abdelhadi, Faisal Aldebaikhi, Nawaf AlMehemeed, Ahmed AlFada, Abdulelah Al Moudayfer, Fahad Alrobaian

 This article presents the relationship of Lean manufacturing concepts as Japanese philosophy to the Islamic religion’s teachings. The research will demonstrate that the modern concepts of lean manufacturing were mentioned in the Islamic Holy Book “Quran” around 1400 years ago. The article discussed 33 verses in the Quran and 4 Hadith (saying of prophet Mohammed) then relating them to the theories, concepts, and culture of Lean manufacturing. Analyzing The Holy book of Quran and Lean Manufacturing concepts side by side to compare and to find similarities to prove our article purpose. Major pillars of lean manufacturing will be discussed in the introduction and match them to the Islamic teachings.

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