Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Right to Privacy from Legal and Ethical Perspectives

Author(s): Mohamad Albakjaji, Manal Kasabi

The right to privacy is conceived from different point of views. This causes a state of ambiguity in the privacy concepts. The cultural difference among the societies has led to adopt different point of views towards the legal governing of privacy. Some scholars see that there is no need to adopt new regulations for this right whereas others argued that the privacy concept is an independent concept from other concepts so, new rules should be adopted specially in the era of new technology. The moral value of the right to privacy is taken into consideration as well. The aim of this paper is to highlight the challenge of having a consensus agreement on the meaning of the right to privacy and the legal and ethical dimensions of this right from different perspectives.

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