Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Rising Powers in the Third Millennium System and their Impact on Reshaping the World Order

Author(s): Basma Khalil Tom & Mohammad Hamad Katatsheh

The study aims to detect and trace ideological changes in the third millennium system and identify the rising powers, then explore their impact on moving up towards multi-polarity approach in the contemporary World Order. The study adopts a main hypothesis which argues: “there is a correlation between the emergence of the rising powers in the third millennium system, and the beginning of the transformation towards multi-polarity concept as a substitute of the unipolarity approach”. The descriptive analytical approach and the system analysis approach were applied to discuss the study topic. The study concluded that the emergence of the rising powers in the third millennium system and their attitude towards putting an end to the American hegemony on the international scene, has had a major role and impact on the trend to reshape the third millennium international system. Moreover, such emergence was the cause of shifting towards the multi-polarity system, and the change in the nature and patterns of the international relations. In addition, the indications of the deterioration of liberalism as a sole global political value have created opportunities to introduce other ideologies that are able to compete and have an influence or power in the international scene. Hence, taking into account the need to re-maintain a state of international stability and sustain international peace and security, the study recommends that the international powers should be rational in their international relations, and that they do their best to achieve international concurrence based on dialogue in order to evade the outbreak of destructive conflicts and wars. The researcher also recommends that all have to accept multi-polarity policy that involves diverse ideologies through restructuring the international organizations in accordance with the nature of changes in the third millennium system.

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