Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Role of Change Management in Achieving Competetive Advantage A Case Study in Diyala State Company

Author(s): Firas Mohammed Al-Ameri, Sahar Mahmood Al-Uqabi

The purpose of this research to recognize the role of changing management in achieving the competitive advantage in Diyala State Company, by using the questionnaire method in collecting information, a number of questionnaires were distributed to a simple random sample of 36 workers in the company from different specialties, races, and ages. The data were analyzed and processed with a number of tools, statistical method including the Ready Statistical Program Package (Spss- Ver -19) to extract the results and Microsoft Excel 2010 to analyze the data. The research found several important results and most were: The majority members of Diyala State Company agreed to manage change and its role in achieving competitive advantage, and there were was a positive correlation relationship with positive moral significance, between change management competitive advantage, and the correlation relationship value has reached (0.615**). As the research also showed that there was a moral significant effect on changing management in the competitive advantage of Diyala State Company. The research recommended the necessity of supporting innovative ideas that achieve competitive advantage through allocating rewards to creators people, and strengthening the relationship with customers and enhance the links between the company's members in addition to the continuous improvement to the elements of change management (The importance of organizational change, the management role in supporting change, the behavior of individuals toward change ), and working to support it, to implement democracy at work and evaluate employees in the company fairly.

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