Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1096-3685; Online ISSN: 1528-2635)


The Role of Computerized Accounting Information Systems (CAIS) In Providing A Credit Risk Management Environment: Moderating Role of IT

Author(s): Adel M. Qatawneh

Study aimed at examining the influence of CAIS on building a healthy environment for credit risk management through the mediating role of IT infrastructure. Quantitative approach was used. A questionnaire distributed on (76) financial managers within banks, credit companies, and financial services in Jordan. Questionnaire consisted of statements that related to variables of CAIS (speed, compatibility with IFRS, low Error Margins, efficiency, classification, and precision) and variables of credit risk management principles (CRMP) (Establishing an appropriate credit risk environment, operating under a sound credit granting process, Credit administration, measurement and monitoring process and Ensuring adequate controls). Results of study indicated that IT infrastructure mediates the relationship between CAIS and CRM, and the fact that CAIS can help in creating a healthy environment for CRM through paving the way for (appropriate credit risk environment) and (Credit administration, measurement and monitoring process) based on its characteristics of CAIS, the relationship was highlighted through the variance relationship which was scored through by variables through analysis. Study recommended that financial institution should be more aware of CAIS due to its ability to understand and examine circumstances around the client and their eligibility to be granted credit. Also, increasing awareness of banks and financial institutions to the importance of IT infrastructure and its role in the overall organizational approach in managing and dealing with credit related risks and failures.

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