Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6328; Online ISSN: 1528-2643)


The Role of Data-Driven Decision-Making in Effective Educational Leadership

Author(s): Jenni Fernandes

Data-driven decision-making is a vital component of effective educational leadership in today's educational landscape. This article explores the significant role of data-driven decision-making in educational leadership and its impact on driving positive change. Through the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, educational leaders gain valuable insights into student performance, instructional strategies, resource allocation, and overall school effectiveness. By utilizing data, leaders can identify areas for improvement, monitor progress, allocate resources strategically, drive instructional improvement, and engage stakeholders. Embracing data-driven decision-making allows leaders to make informed choices that positively impact student outcomes and foster a culture of continuous improvement. The integration of data-driven decision-making into educational leadership practices is essential for driving positive change and ensuring equitable and high-quality education for all students.

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