Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


The Role of Talent Management in Promoting Creativity and Innovation among Workers in the Private Media Sector in the State of Kuwait: Mediating Role of Leadership

Author(s): Salah A.A. Alabduljader

The relationship between talent management and innovation has been a subject of research for a long time. Many studies have been conducted to investigate the link between these two concepts, but few studies have looked at the mediating role of leadership. The current study aimed at examining the mediating role of leadership on the relationship between talent management and creativity and innovation within the Kuwaiti private media sector. Quantitative methodology was adopted through a questionnaire and (100) individuals responded to the handed questionnaire from (Al- Qabas channel, Al-Rai channel, Kuwaiti Jazeerah, Marina FM and 99.7 FM, Al- Shahed FM, Al-Adalah FM, Al-Sabah Channel). SPSS was employed to realize the main aim of study, and results indicated that leadership mediates that relationship between talent management and innovation/creativity of employees. Study recommended developing a leadership training program that focuses on fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Further recommendations were presented in the study.

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