Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6328; Online ISSN: 1528-2643)


The Times, They Are Changing: A Logical Approach For Developing A Promotion And Tenure Document For Uncertain Times

Author(s): Heather McMillan, Steven Stovall, Nick Johnston, Kevin Dickson, Dana Schwieger

Over the past few years, many U.S. colleges and universities have faced a series of challenges including decreasing enrollment numbers, significant budget cuts, and increasing reporting requirements. In addition, some universities have provided incentives for employees to participate in early retirement programs to reduce higher salaried headcount, while leaving open positions unfilled. As a result, organizations are modifying organizational structures to eliminate administrative positions and distribute administrative tasks. Decreasing resources, increasing reporting requirements and faculty workloads have prompted colleges and universities to re-evaluate their promotion and tenure (T&P) criteria to accommodate the changing landscape of the higher education environment. In this paper, the authors take a structured approach to revising the T&P document in their department to accommodate current and future in academe. Suggestions for use by other departments and institutions as well as direction for future research are also presented.

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