Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6328; Online ISSN: 1528-2643)


T.P.A.C.K And R.E.A.C.T In a Virtual Space: An Investigation of The Impact of Virtual Instruction on Student Learning

Author(s): Rommel Pelayo, Greg Emmanuel Baniaga, Roni Sapad, Lorence-Rose C. Jandoquile, Clarissa D. Creencia, Ailyn A. Barrameda & Toni Rose G. Caritativo.

Educators are confronted with the challenge to deliver quality education amidst Pandemic situations. In a virtual space, teachers are challenged to deliver a highinstructional level to enhance their motivation and attitude which in effect promote attainment of learning outcomes. The researchers came across the potential of TPACK and REACT in this process. Though researches available confirm their effectiveness in a conventional teaching approach, their use in the virtual space is very limited. Using the parameters of the Educational Action Research, the researchers used a TPACK intervention in a virtual space and employed the REACT tactical steps to use technology for interactions to enhance their motivation, sustain a positive attitude of learning and assure attainment of learning outcomes. Data gathered revealed that there is a potential to assure a 65% attainment of learning via the delivery of TPACK-REACT as this intervention increases the motivation and sustains their positive attitude towards Science class. Principals, subject leaders, and teachers are encouraged to experiment with the use of this in a virtual space to ensure better educational delivery.

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