Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Transformation of Citizension Education Based On Blended Learning ''Digital Cartoon" As An Integration Strengthener of Nationalism Characters in from Independent Learning

Author(s): Anita Trisiana, Arif Sutikno, Anggit Grahito Wicaksono and Ryzal Perdana

This research was conducted to produce a Blended Learning Model based on cartoon digital media to strengthen the integration of the national character with the novelty of science and technology, social and cultural products that can be applied in Higher Education. The research method used is Research Development (R&D). Data obtained by means of triangulation of data and sources. Data were analyzed using an interactive analysis model. The results show that the alignment of Citizenship Education transformation with efforts to improve the quality of learning is in accordance with the demands of education in the 21st century and the Industrial Era 4.0, where the expected competencies are the ability and skills to think critically, creatively, collaborate, skills in communication, and related abilities. Technological literacy, has obtained a percentage value of 73%. The alignment of cartoon media with the creativity needs of students as part of its intellectual attitude gets a score of 78%. Alignment of the learning model with character education in tertiary institutions that require development in the implementation of the Free Learning Curriculum obtained a value of 82%. The suitability of the learning model with the basic values developed has a value of 94%. The novelty of this research is the adaptation of learning technology to become a necessity in the process of the Digital Revolution in the world of education, especially the scientific development of civic education, both theoretically and practically.

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