Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Workplace Experience; Understanding The Effects Of Leadership, H.R And Climate Diversity On Organizational Commitment

Author(s): Hina Saleem, Ahmed Muneeb Mehta,Rashid Jehangiri, Nisar Ahmad,Wafa Saghir

A great deal of study has been dedicated to “Workforce diversity”. Despite an increasing number of studies, few reliable conclusions have yet to be reached about the experiences and consequences of diversity. When we managed the ‘Employee Diversity’ effectively, it will encourage employees’ to add value to their organization. This research outlines and tests the employee’s commitment to the organization. Through this research, we are seeking a new way of opening the so-called “black box” amongst the diversity practices and the commitment of employees to the organization. The nature of this study design was basically “cross-sectional” and a “quantitative technique” was used for data analysis. The data was collected from different teachers who are currently working in the elementary schools of Lahore, Pakistan. The data was gathered with the help of a standardized questionnaire survey. For data collection “snowball sampling technique” was applied. The total sample size of this research is 300. The instrument was adapted from different authors. After examining the reliability, we checked the data normality and ran Pearson Correlation tests in order to determine the relationship between the two variables. From findings, it tells that the “diversity practices and Organizational Commitment of employees represents a moderate connection because the values obtained, lie within a statistically significant range”.

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