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Characteristics of Ostrich Managers on Strategic Management and Managers Administration Style and The Responsibility of their Colleagues

Carolina Riveroz, University of Pernambuco

Citation Information: Riveroz, C. (2022). Characteristics of Ostrich Managers on Strategic Management and Managers' Administration Style and the Responsibility of their Colleagues. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 26 (1), 1-3.



The expression "ostrich director" comes from the conviction that an ostrich will avoid reality to safeguard itself when confronted with a danger. Numerous people likewise display ostrich conduct. They will quite often keep away from circumstances that are seen as discomforting or compromising. Here and there they even imagine that these circumstances don't exist. While it isn't useful for any representative inside an association to display this conduct, it is particularly inconvenient when a chief has this mentality in light of the effective reach that a chief commonly has. The chiefs at the highest point of the pecking order address the most serious risk


Ostrich Director, Strategic Management, Colleagues.


As indicated by Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskison. "Vital pioneers are individuals situated in various pieces of the firm utilizing the essential administration cycle to help the firm arrive at its vision and mission." Martin says that individuals are "attracted to accounts of successful pioneers activity their strong moves, frequently finishing in fruitful results, make for grasping stories. In any case, this attention on what a pioneer does is lost since moves that work in one setting regularly look bad in another, even at a similar organization or inside the experience of a solitary chief. A more useful, however more troublesome, approach is to zero in on how a pioneer thinks." Strategists think in an unexpected way. They are integrative scholars who readily stand up to untidy issues and complex circumstances. These integrative masterminds are just giving something to do the human ability to all the while maintain restricting viewpoints in helpful strain and consider them so that they can think their direction toward prevalent thoughts Kotter might separate a piece in an unexpected way (i.e., among supervisors and pioneers). He says that administration is tied in with adapting to intricacy and authority is tied in with adapting to change (or maybe starting change as they design what's to come). So apparently Kotter is tending to key administrators as well as essential pioneers. Martin proceeds to say that "integrative reasoning is a 'propensity for imagined' that we all can intentionally create to show up at arrangements that would some way or another not be clear." truth be told, he recommends that we should show integrative thinking as an idea in business college. Key administration courses are a conspicuous decision of where to show integrative reasoning. While ostrich directors ordinarily stow away from the present and neglect to ponder the future, specialists appear to be enthusiastic with regards to understanding the present and involving it as the establishment for developing what's to come. Key directors and pioneers at the same time create and execute plans that attention on the momentary achievement and long haul reasonability of their associations. They comprehend that essential execution is the way to long haul and transient success (Shin N, 2021).

Qualities of Ostrich Managers

Since ostrich chiefs experience issues recognizing the presence of (or reacting to) dangers, their activities will more often than not be strong of the norm and not zeroed in on further developing tasks and connections. Dangers and distress can come in a wide range of structures, and supervisors may not understand. That they are utilizing an "hidden, out-of-mind" approach. It is conceivable that ostrich directors Vigfússon et al. (2021) might will more often than not act in manners that are pessimistic for their association or potentially individuals included. For instance they may stay away from colleagues with whom they have contrasts despite the fact that there are great business motivations to speak with these collaborators. Deny data that doesn't fit inside their ideal models or suppositions. Avoid data or circumstances that are genuine and valid, however awkward know nothing about the normal circumstances that their representatives, providers, and clients face routinel. Allow non-useful conditions to proceed due to the trouble and inconvenience in adjusting what is going on, Avoid taking care of serious issues due to the time and exertion required consistently work with some unacceptable data or suspicions and put forth no attempt to address them or look for better information, Create a work environment with helpless assurance and little energy, Be absent, or claim to be unaware, to the manner in which things truly finish inside their gatherings, Seek self-protection and stay away from distress that may result from struggle change, terrible news and so on (Kumar, 2020).

Chiefs' Administration Style and the Responsibility of Their Colleagues

Time is divided. Administrators have recognized from days of yore that they never appear to have sufficient opportunity to finish that large number of things that should be finished. In the last long stretches of the 20th century, in any case, another peculiarity emerged: interest for time from those in influential positions expanded, while the quantity of hours in a day stayed steady. Expanded work hours was one response to such request, however administrators immediately found that the day had only 24 hours and that functioning a greater amount of them delivered reducing minor returns. As per one analyst, "Directors are overburdened with commitments yet can only with significant effort delegate their errands. Accordingly, they are headed to exhaust and compelled to do many assignments cursorily. Curtness, fracture, and verbal correspondence describe their work."

Ostrich administrators tend to "hide from reality" by disregarding or keeping away from data and circumstances that they see as undermining or discomforting. At the point when they behave like ostrich supervisors and disregard or keep away from data that is crucial for the essential administration, individuals can have an extreme, adverse consequence on their associations, themselves, and society. Planners, then again, anxiously look for all data whether it is positive or negative with the goal that it very well may be coordinated and followed up on as they develop the future and set the guidelines for greatness in their particular associations and enterprises (Pryor et al., 2008).


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