Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict (Print ISSN: 1544-0508; Online ISSN: 1939-4691 )

Short communication: 2021 Vol: 25 Issue: 4S

Communication Management and Steps Involved in Project Communication Management

John Mike, Wasit University

Citation Information: Mike, J. (2021). Communication management and steps involved in project communication management. Journal of Organizational Culture Communications and Conflict, 25(S4), 1-2

Communication management during a project state of affairs is that the most vital side, that aims at making certain that “right info reaches the proper neutral at the proper time within the right manner” in order that effective and economical exchange of data takes place, leading to larger collaboration between all stakeholders. Neutral collaboration and engagement is essential for project success.

As per PMBOK guide, “Communication management includes the processes needed to confirm timely and acceptable generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval and supreme disposition of project info.’’ Communication could be a two means method of causing info from one entity to a different. The Project Manager spends quite ninetieth of your time in Project Communication. For managing communication, the project manager and therefore the project team members got to possess wonderful communication and social skills. These skills can make sure the either side during a communication perceive one another clearly Axley and Stephen (1984). A number of the communication skills and social skills required embody the following:

1. Written communication ability

2. Verbal communication ability

3. Non-verbal communication skills

4. Listening skills

5. Empathy for the stakeholders

6. Questioning and inquiring skills

7. Influencing ability

8. Interpersonal skills (Conflict management)

9. Political and social skills

In addition to having the on top of skills, we tend to conjointly got to adopt a structured approach for managing communication. Project communication management includes the subsequent three processes as per PMBOK guide, sixth edition.

Plan Communication Management

It’s initial vital to develop a communication management arrange or approach. This includes understanding the knowledge demand for every neutral or neutral cluster Coughlan and Robert (2002). Conjointly understanding every neutral or neutral group’s communication preferences like language, medium, technology, frequency, and format if any for every info exchange. Throughout communication designing, the team conjointly develops a method for info exchange victimisation totally different communication ways like “interactive, push and pull” ways. Understanding the social and cultural background of every neutral is additionally done and consequently communication approach is ready.

Manage Communication

Communication starts happening throughout the project by following the communication management arrange. The desired info is collected, created, distributed, and keep for future reference throughout the project life cycle fulfilling the knowledge wants of all stakeholders. Here the project manager and therefore the team members chargeable for communication use their communication skills Kliem (2008).

Monitor Communication

Whereas communication starts within the project, it's conjointly vital to stay making certain that the knowledge wants of all stakeholders are met. Any problems with stakeholders bearing on communication and their info wants are addressed by adjusting the communication arrange. This is often conjointly associate degree on-going parallel method that runs throughout the project life cycle (Wim et al., 2012).


Communication management is analogous to the central system that ensures that the proper info reaches the proper neutral at exactly the proper time within the right format. The project manager is only chargeable for making certain project communication. In fact, communication management is that the major mechanism within the hands of the project manager that helps in obtaining all the project work worn out the proper manner. Whereas communication skills are extraordinarily vital, it's conjointly equally vital to manage the knowledge flow during a systematic and planned manner.


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