Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)

Research Article: 2022 Vol: 21 Issue: 1

Corporate Culture and Its Impact in Satisfaction, Recommendation and Turnover Intention in Teaching Hospitals Case Study: Fernando Pessoa University Teaching Hospital

Bruno Soares, Fernando Pessoa University

António Cardoso, Fernando Pessoa University

Inês Dias, Fernando Pessoa University

Susana Gregório, Teaching-Hospital of Fernando Pessoa University

João Camarinha, Teaching-Hospital of Fernando Pessoa University

João Moreira Pinto, Teaching-Hospital of Fernando Pessoa University


The current study relates corporate culture and its impact in satisfaction, recommendation and turnover intention in teaching hospitals, in the specific case of the Teaching Hospital of Fernando Pessoa University (TH-PFU). The general and specific goals aim to guide the work towards proving the existence of relations and correlations between the variables at study, in a scientific basis. The general study involves the identification of corporate culture and the dimensions in analysis in a Portuguese Teaching Hospital were variables such as satisfaction, recommendation and turnover intention are also important. The methodology used is based in a quantitative study with descriptive design where several hypotheses are established, having used the questionnaire to collect information from TH-FPU employees. The results show evidence that the employees vastly acknowledge corporate culture (M=3.81; SD=0.941), feel proud about working in their department/service (M=4.47; SD=0.686) and recognise that the management focus is on service and quality (M=4.18; SD=0.902). It stands out that employees state their work is acknowledged and rewarded (M=4.18; SD=0.826). They revealed high satisfaction with their work and high levels of agreement were registered in all the presented propositions (M=4.17; SD=0.821). The employees consider and recommend TH-FPU as a reference place to work (M=4.13; SD=0.871). It was validated that corporate culture has a positive effect in turnover intention. The hypothesis regarding the positive impact of corporate culture in satisfaction and recommendation were not confirmed.

Keywords: Corporate Culture, Impact in Satisfaction, Satisfaction, Recommendation, Turnover Intention, Hospitals, Teaching Hospitals.

Citation Information: Soares, B., Cardoso, A., Dias, I., Gregório, S., Camarinha, J., & Pinto, J.M. (2022). Corporate culture and its impact in satisfaction, recommendation and turnover intention in teaching hospitalsCase study: Fernando Pessoa university teaching hospital. Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 21(1), 1-15.

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