Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)

Review Article: 2021 Vol: 24 Issue: 6S

Housing discrimination while forming civic space and fundamental freedoms in terms of crisis of the statehood development of Ukraine



The article is focused on the problem of housing discrimination in Ukraine in the formation of civic space and fundamental freedoms in terms of crisis of the statehood development of Ukraine. The relevance of the topic is due to the lack of modern research on housing discrimination in Ukraine while it is actually present. The main categories of the research are the right to housing, discrimination, housing discrimination. It is stated that housing discrimination is a restriction of the right to housing resulting that a person is not able to purchase housing and stably live there. A vulnerable group of persons, in particular internally displaced persons, families with children, homosexual couples, etc. most often faces housing discrimination. Ukrainian legislation does not single out housing discrimination as an independent legal category. It has been concluded that housing discrimination is a situation, when a person and/or group of persons on the grounds of race, color, political, religious and other beliefs, sex, age, disability, ethnic and social origin, citizenship, marital and property status may experience restrictions on the recognition, realization or use of the right to housing, in particular obtaining housing, living there, conducting self-isolation there, exercising private life. The fact of housing discrimination can be established if a person is unable to realize his right to housing on one of the following grounds: sex, nationality, citizenship, sexual orientation, living with a family without registration of marriage; the presence of children and animals; internal movement, age, etc. Discrimination can be manifested in the refusal to enter into a lease/rental agreement, to extend this agreement, to unreasonably raise the rent.


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