Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)

Research Article: 2021 Vol: 20 Issue: 4

Management Information Systems for Risk Analysis and Decision Making an Empirical Investigation

Korakod Tongkachok, Thaksin University

Rached Halloul, Military Academy

Melanie Elizabeth Lourens, Durban University of Technology

Hasbi Sjamsir, Mulawarman University

Kaltim Heppy Liana, Universitas Nahdlatul

Gautam Huidrom, Rajiv Gandhi University


In the introduction chapter of this research paper the complete structure of this paper has been discussed. Along with that the importance of using different MIS related software in the MNCs for maintaining their business has also been discussed. Moreover, it has been identified that decision support systems (DSS) are the interactive software-based system which is intended to help business managers in order to make business improvement related decisions.

The Literature Review Section Is Critically Evaluating the Relationship between Data Analysis, Decision Making and MIS software for multinational organisations. Which station is also analysing the importance of risk analysis for making any type of decisions regarding business development. Moreover, the literature review section is also concerned with the importance of economic risk analysis along with analysing the risk depending on the time and taking decisions regarding the time.

In the research methodology section, it has been identified that the research is based on primary quantitative methods. The snowball sampling method was used in this research paper in order to include different employees from different multinational organisations. The sample size was 50 and the 50 employees belong to 5 different organisations.

From the data analysis section, it has been identified that there is a significant correlation between risk analysis and decision-making process in the multinational organisation along with use of MIS software. From the difference in mean median and mode results of different survey questions it has also been identified that this research paper has significant questions that the employees of multinational organisations found more relatable to their experiences.

Keywords: MNCs, MIS Softwares, Survey, Regression Analysis.

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