Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)

Research Article: 2021 Vol: 20 Issue: 6

Strategic Management of Human Capital in the Context of a Radical Change in the Socio-Economic System

Victor Dmitrievich Orekhov, Synergy University

Natalia Michailovna Zhavoronkova, International Institute of Management LINK

Ruslan Romanov, The Open University

Olesya Gennadievna Kukharenko, Synergy University

Irina Vyacheslavovna Kosorukova, Synergy University


The survey method was used to study the quantitative impact on the development of strategic management in organizations of 16 factors characterizing the context of the company, the key levers of change, the preparation of the change, and the process of implementing the change. The research results showed that more than 50% of respondents highly appreciated the results of the implementation of strategic management at their enterprises. The purpose of the work is to develop practical recommendations for a strategic management system as a factor that significantly affects labor productivity and human capital in a developing economy. The following blocks have the greatest influence on the success of the strategic management development: preparation of the change and implementation of the change, the factors of which are characterized by the maximum 5-point estimates of the success of the change implementation – ESD=3.9–4.2 and the maximum difference between the maximum and minimum estimates ΔESD=0.6-1.4. The following factors have a high impact on the success of implementation: the level of preparation for the strategic management development – ESD=4.2, the consolidation of changes – ESD=4.1, the position of the initiator of strategic development – ESD=4.0, the formation of a strategic team – ESD=4.0, the type of corporate culture – ESD=3.9, support for changes by top management – ESD=3.9 and the influence of the resistance of stakeholders – ESD=3.9. The results of the work can be used in companies in the implementation of strategic management projects, as well as in business schools in teaching strategic management.

Keywords: Strategic Management, Change, Human Capital, Global Dynamics, Education, Forecasting, Corporate Culture.

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