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Publication Ethics

Plagiarism check

Journal of Entrepreneurship Education subjects all the submissions to plagiarism scanning and detection software (PlagScan Pro (250000PP)) to estimate the extent of content duplication. Further quality assessment and processing of the manuscript is based on COPE guidelines.

Peer-review policy

The aim of the peer-review process is to identify most appropriate and quality content for the Journal and improve the standards of scientific reporting and presentation. JEE recognizes that peer-review is fundamental to the scientific publication process and the dissemination of scholarly information. JEE aspires to screen, select and publish high quality research. In order to achieve this goal, the entire peer-review process needs to be thorough, objective and fair.

Manuscripts that pass the internal quality assessment based on adherence to the Journal scope and originality of the content are subjected to double blind peer-review (authors and reviewers remain anonymous to each other), wherein the subject experts are identified and invited by the Journal Editors. JEE allots ample time period of 2 to 3 months for completion of peer-review of the manuscript. The reviewer comments, suggestions and recommendations are forwarded to the corresponding author for doing the needful. The editor, in consultation with manuscript reviewers and editorial board, takes the final decision on the manuscript.

Publication ethics

JEE is committed for standard and ethical publication practices. JEE functions closely in tune with the principles and guidelines of the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE)

JEE supports and encourages scholarly publishing by hoisting articles the meet the following standard requirements:

Ethical misconduct such as duplicate submission, false authorship claim, plagiarism, and/or presentation of fraudulent data results in either sending of correction notices, manuscript withdrawal or retraction of the article.

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