Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


A Journey from Persuasion to Decision of Generation Z: Empirical Evidence of Rhetoric Effect Strategies in Advertisement

Author(s): Bhaveshkumar J Parmar, Hemant Gupta and Chirag Rasikbhai Patel

Understanding the GenZ consumer behavior is necessary and challenging as a quarter of the Indian population is in this cohort of generation. On the other side, the rhetoric persuasion strategies are widely used, time-tested and utilized in communication-mix. Therefore, this study attempts to explore the influence of rhetoric persuasion strategies applied in advertisements on the purchase decision of GenZ consumers. To achieve its research objective, the multivariate statistical techniques have been used where the threshold model for consumers’ purchase decision process in form of logistic regression has been applied to examine the influence of ethos, pathos and logos on the purchase decision of GenZ consumers in India. Results reveal that the application of ethos, pathos and logos strategies in advertisement positively influences the purchase decision of GenZ. This study also observed that the direction of impact remains same for both the genders of GenZ consumers. This study is first of its kind to examine the influence of rhetoric strategy in advertisement on GenZ consumers’ purchase behavior especially in India. This study also argues the importance of persuasion techniques in the advertisement and opens a new horizon to explore more about rhetoric techniques application in advertisement to impress the consumers brand preference.

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